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The Beneficial Shooting Skills In The FIFA 15

Nowadays, many players find the shooting skills are very important in the FIFA 15. And here are two beneficial shooting skills according to the players’ experiences in the FIFA 15.

On the one hand, the players can shoot in the right time. To know the right time to shoot and from which angle to shoot a ball is critical to players’ winning. Generally speaking, the players should make sure there is a clear space before their players. Moreover, the right position should have the player face the goal of the opposition. It’s noted that hitting the ball from the corner flag is useless.


On the other hand, the players can make the lob shots. Press the button L1 on PS 3 and LB on 360 so as to perform the lob shot. It’s perfect while the keeper has already moved that a way off his line or when he is moving away towards you. However, you need to practice a little to master these kinds of shots. At the same time, it will appear wonderful when done rightly. 

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