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My own ways to play the Fifa 15 game

Recently, playing the Fifa 15 becomes a fashion because of its unique playing experience for players. And as a loyal fan of the Fifa 15, I also found out my own ways to play the Fifa 15 game after hours and hours playing.

My own way to take corner kicks in the FIFA 15

Corner Kicks grew stale over the years.  For as long as we can remember, you had two options for attacking with a corner kick.  Either slow roll pass it to another player on your side and try to wiggle in for a shot on goal, or high/low cross it into the box for a nice one timer.  Well, we’re happy to say EA Sports finally put a stop to this in FIFA 15, sort of. According to my experience, I can basically have the same options with a twist. When I line up to take the corner, I can press Down on the D-pad to bring up a tactics list for my shot.  At that point, by either pressing Up, Down, Left or Right again on the D-pad, I can choose to have my players set up for different plays.  I could have them run near or far post, take a top of the box stance or crowd the keeper for a chance to get an unblocked kick.


My own way to duck away from the defending players in the Fifa 15

As far as I’m concerned, the first time flick is extremely useful especially when a defending player is closing down. Any player can do it including useless pro club nobbas (term for inept club player).  Stood still as the ball is approaching hold left trigger (L1 or LT) and press right bumper (R1 or RB) just before ball arrives. Any player trying to win ball will not be able to get it unless they try to intercept. You can see if a defending player is moving to intercept so if they are don’t try this go get the ball before them.

In brief, I gradually figure out the above ways to play the Fifa 15. To some extent, they are very useful for me to play the Fifa 15 well. So if you want to play the Fifa 15 well, please try your best to figure out your own ways. 

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